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Don't Forget Your Much-Needed Gal Pal Time

June 03, 2016 Barbara Ballinger & Margaret Crane

It's so easy when you're our age to tip in the direction of devoting most of our time to aging parents, grown children, and grandchildren, if we're lucky to have those family members in our lives. Add in work and that's another time zapper and stressor. And, maybe, you also are able to squeeze in time for reading, exercising, and having fun with your partner. What gets shortchanged too often is schmooze time with female friends, who often may be your best listeners, laughing, and wine or Martini drinking buds, and all-around soul mates. They're the ones you can share...

My Contractor: The Bloom is Finally off the Rose

May 27, 2016 Barbara Ballinger

A few months back, I was singing the praises of my contractor and how I had found one who showed up on time each day, worked hard daily, cleaned up, listened, and seem destined to finish the job..and well!  He sort of did but not fully. I spoke too soon, and alas that contractor has now followed in the footsteps of so many others in this profession that I've learned about after writing on the subject of houses and design for decades and having four homes worked on over the course of three decades. Now, at age 60+, I join...

Life Lessons at 50 Plus Blog Redesigned

May 23, 2016 Barbara Ballinger & Margaret Crane

Life Lessons at 50 Plus Blog Redesigned

Welcome to our new website, which now features our weekly blog as well as information and updates about our forthcoming book. We hope you'll take the journey with us and visit weekly. Maybe, you've already been along for the ride. Unfortunately, a computer glitch caused us to restart the connection and now we’re back on track. Send us your ideas for columns, we're open to all ideas. Thanks so much!

Dying to Share

May 20, 2016 Barbara Ballinger & Margaret Crane

It's always been a touchy subject, but having discussions with our aging parents, siblings, and grown kids about money and possessions and how they'll be left to survivors is crucial to family harmony and financial well being. We've learned through our own experiences as well as those of friends, that you can never plan too well when it comes to this enormous and highly-nuanced topic. Don't leave anything to chance or to just any lawyers or judges, who sometimes may not be up on all the familial dynamics and sometimes even the law. This requires meeting with a competent financial...

What's Bugging Us?

May 13, 2016 Barbara Ballinger & Margaret Crane

We have good values for sure. Our parents brought us up well. We know what's important; it’s the health, safety, and happiness of our family members, dearest friends, and work colleagues. We are socially conscious, know that world peace is a critical issue, and that there's too much bloodshed and hatred going around. However, now that we’re 50 plus, things we ignored when we were younger, are starting to bug us in the course of a normal day, especially on those days when we’re a bit too self-focused. So, indulge us a bit if we sink to a new low...