Now That We’ve Welcomed Sweet Springtime, Let’s Change Our Surroundings and Activities


Some of us have been waiting months for spring to arrive. Many of us strongly dislike the colder temperatures of winter, icicles dangling from buildings, the slippery sidewalks and stairs where we fear falling and bundling up in hats, coats, scarves, gloves, socks and boots. 

Spring seemed to arrive, and then chilly weather returned and now it may be back again. Spring, please hang around  so we may shed the layers and venture outside on days of bright blue sky and sunlight when all we need is a light jacket or sweater. On such days, we feel gleeful, and our energy seems boundless. You probably have your own ways to toast the longer days but we’re happy to share ours. See if any appeal; feel free to borrow or adapt and share your ideas, too. 

  1. Play more musicwhether it’s background noise to do work by or clean up. We’re turning up the radio; yes, in part because our hearing is worse but also because we just love the animated lively sounds. A recent mention on a FB post of Joni Mitchell led to one of us playing “Both Sides Now,” a perfect welcome to spring when we hear mention of ice castles in the air.
  2. Spring clean and freshen your home. One way to add eye candy to your kitchen is to change a faucet that looks so ho-hum. There are so many fun models that catch our eyes in magazines and stores with their long goosenecks, modern handles and mix of metals, all gold sheen, all black chicness or shiny stainless reflections. They also come in a range of prices from those sold at big box stores to specially sculpted and designed versions that look like works of art. Some even work with the tap of a finger, or high-tech models respond to voice commands.
  3. Plant some perennials.The best time to plant bulbs was last fall but if you didn’t get around to it consider digging now by adding tulips, daffodils, roses, allium and cone flowers once the last frost passes. Look up what comes up first, so you have a steady emergence of different flowers throughout the coming months. If you don’t have a yard, consider a cluster of pots for a container garden. In another month or two you can add a garden of pots with vegetable seeds.
  4. Cook something new, fresh and lightor just assemble a big salad with a lot of interesting ingredients—grapefruit and pomegranates were in one salad we ate recently and quite refreshing—or cherry tomatoes, colorful peppers, cucumbers, sliced almonds and avocadoes in another. We’re seeing more beets again in salads at restaurants and so happy to have them for color and taste. Make your own dressing with an interesting vinaigrette and quality olive oil. A dash of mustard, honey, salt, and pepper add some spark as does a squeeze of fresh lemon.
  5. Make muffinswith any kind of fruit and extras you have whether apple and walnuts, blueberries and cinnamon, raspberries and a streusel topping. Many freeze well.
  6. Mix up a new cocktail or mocktail, depending on your preference—something with a fresh fruit, some seltzer, a sprig of thyme or mint or a twist of lemon or lime. Pour it into a pretty glass to make it special. Make a pitcher if having others over. Then take a break and sit outdoors on a porch, courtyard or rooftop depending on where you live.
  7. Rearrange your wine stashfrom heavy reds such as Cabernets and Burgundies to lighter whites such as Sauvignon Blancs or perhaps a Rose or affordable sparkling wines such as Proseccos and Cavas. Invite friends over for a toast to spring and serve some light appetizers such as gravlax on toast points with a garnish of dill or capers. And after you arrange your wines, if you have energy, consider doing the same for your bookcases and eliminate books you’ll never read again or don’t want. Maybe, a library will be delighted to have them.
  8. Purchase or make some pretty cardsto send to friends or family if they celebrate Passover, Easter or just the change in the seasons. Everybody likes receiving some real mail, especially when it’s not a bill or plea for yet another donation. If you want it to be extra fun, be creative. Make your own card with blank note cards and a stash of colorful markers or watercolors and sponge paint a design. Go a step further and cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage or use buttons or other materials you have sitting around.
  9. Volunteer to help your communitywhether it’s to work in a soup kitchen or community garden or read to the elderly or blind, teach literacy to those who’ve recently come to this country or young children just eager to learn their ABCs and more.
  10. Take a long walk, bicycle ride or drive in a new neighborhood or communitywhere you’ve never been. Playing tourist close to home can be delightful. Visit that art museum you’ve driven by so many times; stop at a new farmstand or orchard; wander into a new library or bookstore and browse; make plans to attend an outdoor concert or play, especially one where you can take along a picnic basket.
  11. Go fly a kite, feed ducks at a local pond, sail boats made from newspaper like Curious George did in the classic children’s book, go birdwatching with a pair of binoculars—they don’t have to be expensive. Help neighborhood kids or grandkids host a lemonade or puzzle stand so they can learn the art of entrepreneurship and keep some funds for themselves and donate others to a favorite charity.
  12. Replace your door mat;so many fun ones are available with cute sayings. How about “Go away,” “Dogs welcome,” or just “Home Sweet Home.“
  13. Clean out your refrigerator, cabinets and freezerto make way for ice cream for warm weather enjoyment. So many new flavors are tempting. Consider lemon poppyseed, banana French toast or lobster ice cream. We’re not sure about the last but someone just might enjoy it.
  14. Open your windowsand let in the fresh air if you don’t have springtime allergies. To keep out the bugs, add screens, if possible, to make it easier to keep your windows open all spring and summer long. It will also help lower your energy bills, so you don’t need to use the air conditioning.
  15. Change your wardrobe. Put the winter clothing away and pull out your spring/summer collection. Add to it. It might be time to buy new tennis shoes if your current ones have worn down soles. How about some new makeup (even just lipstick and blush) or, if you wear it, a flowery perfume, a new silk scarf, a tote or purse? 

Welcome springtime!  We’re so glad you’re finally arriving (again).  


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