I Love My New Refrigerator

I’m in love. It’s a completely superficial kind of adoration. And it’s not with a person this time. Actually, I am as red as my newly-picked tomatoes admitting this but… I have completely fallen for my new refrigerator. It’s not like I can say hey, it’s so smart, funny, fit or interesting. But I love it! 

I went to a favorite appliance store and interviewed a salesman. I ogled the Sub-Zero, a model I had previously owned twice, but now felt too expensive--and big--with its huge dimensions and two compressors, since I wasn't sure how long I would stay in this home. I studied the Liebherr, which my mom owned but it was also pricey--though less--but too tall for me and for the space as well. Nothing appealed. I went home, made do and went back to the store after a friend suggested I check out the Fisher-Paykel she owned and still loved after nine years. 

And when I saw it on the showroom floor, I was smitten. I eyeballed it. Up and down. I felt a stirring and was seized with an extraordinary desire to possess it. The chemistry was intense. It was tall but not too tall, wide enough, big and open inside, and it was sleek with its stainless steel front.  I thought what a great addition it would be to my life. I talked to the owner who convinced me it was a great piece of equipment and a good value for the price. 

I’ve never experienced an appliance love affair of this magnitude.  However, there is good reason for this. 

  1. The old refrigerator had no sex appeal. It was clunky, an eyesore, had too little room inside, an ugly black front, plus a top freezer I rarely used.
  2. It was physically exhausting to get to the vegetable and fruits in the bottom bins. I had to sit on the floor, then push myself up afterward.
  3. Every time I walked into the kitchen, I complained to someone or myself about its outdated look and lack of functionality. I do admit that I prayed it would conk out and cost so much to repair that I’d have to buy a new one. Otherwise, how could I justify replacing it? 

One friend, an architect, who was in love with her Thermador with big French doors, was blunt each time she visited. "You need to spend and get a new one especially if you're not going to redo the kitchen," she would say. "Just spring for it," she'd add. I had smaller dreams. A single door with stainless front and bottom freezer and dimensions that would fit into the same space so I wouldn't have to remodel, even though I desperately wanted to. I knew then I had to face it. It was time to break up with my old appliance and bring in the new. 

I did, and after it arrived I decided it needed to be outfitted to look its best with all new storage containers from The Container Store and colorful Joseph line. I was much happier for a fleeting moment until the inevitable happened as I looked around my kitchen. 

I knew it was time for another break up. This time it was with my dishwasher with the black front. The new refrigerator made it look tired and ugly. I needed one with some pizzazz--a matching stainless front and the feature that writing partner Margaret raved about, which shined a red light on the floor while the machine was working. I fell in love with the Bosch model the store owner recommended. And as an extra bonus, it cleaned so well that my dishes shined. It also hummed so quietly that I could perform surgery in the room--if I had those skills. I was happy until…. 

It happened again. Time to break up with my old black microwave with the broken handle. Out with the microwave and in with a snazzy Bosch microwave/convection oven with stainless front, which does two jobs in one. Voila! I now had a second working oven. No more stuffing stuffing, sweet and mashed potatoes, turkey and green bean casserole at Thanksgiving time in one oven. With three new appliances in place, I felt it was kind of like watching a play knowing that everyone or everything, as in my case, was there for a reason. Except…You guessed it. How do the old wood cabinets and dark granite countertops with big swirls now look? Don't ask. 

I've learned that things can make you happy, though what makes me happiest are the healthy good recipes I've been inspired to prepare in my convection oven with leftovers chilled in my stunning new refrigerator and served on dishes washed in my new dishwasher. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I now walk into my kitchen, will just stand there gazing at my triumvirate of new appliances and tell them with complete and profound sincerity, “I love you.”

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