Hello April Fools: Let’s Exercise our Sense of Fun & Humor Today

Hi readers, 

Today, we are writing every intimate, nosey, pesky detail we know about each of you in this week's blog. 

Did we get your attention? 

April Fools! 

Every year, when it's April 1 and you don't realize it--whoever knows the date these days as one day runs into the next, there's usually someone who gets you with a joke or prank. 

There's no work today. April Fools. 

Your kids are off school. April Fools. 

Your car is missing in the garage. April Fools. 

When we were kids, we loved this day so we could joke with our friends at school. 

Hey, you have something hanging from your nose. April Fools.

You just stepped in dog poop. April Fools. 

April Fools Day is the ultimate ruse that ends with a series of "April Fools." Whatever was said, it usually stopped you in your tracks. 

In these stressful, dreary times, how much fun is it to play the fool, be the fool and have some fun. We say, go rogue this April Fools with gusto. Bring on the barbs and the jabs, the jokes and the pranks. It's much needed levity. 

This is not an excuse to be nasty or hurtful, however. We're not talking about anything cruel like pulling a chair out from under someone, watching them slip on a banana peel or offering someone a sweet drink that you've made with salt instead. Yuck. 

This day should be all in fun and each prank should have a funny component. What makes something funny? The trick for us is to know when something is funny enough. Not hurtful. The rest? If you hear yourself laughing...literally hear yourself going "ha, ha, ha" without analyzing why, then it's funny. 

April Fools Day has stood the test of time. From where did this practice originate? We read online that some historians feel it started with Hilaria (Latin for joyful) the name of a Roman Festival observed at the end of March in ancient Rome that was marked with disguises and practical jokes. 

Even the Bible refers to April Fools. In "99 Bible Verses about April Fools Day" Psalm 14:1 English Standard Version /14  addresses the day with prayer and verse, and this is no April Fools' joke. The Fool says something like this to the choirmaster of David, "Set aside this time to pray for your help in preventing me from doing foolish things in my life that will keep me from reaching my full potential." Not a bad way to stay on the straight and narrow. 

And now we'll shoot a few jabs in your direction that you are welcome to borrow. 

There's a photo of you on Facebook today of what you looked like before having Botox. April Fools. 

I just bought you for your birthday a subscription to the channel that carries the Apprentice on a loop. April Fools. 

You keep asking if I'm dating. Well, a 70 something man in Trader Joe's hit on me today. All I wanted was a bag of reasonably priced pistachios sold to me by a relatively attractive clerk in a faded Hawaiian shirt. And now the younger sales guy and I are going out on a date. April Fools. 

I just read that your favorite takeout place doesn't have online ordering any longer. April Fools. 

You're on the subway going to Midtown Manhattan and your friend falls asleep. You nudge her to wake up and say, You missed your stop and now you're in New Jersey. April Fools. 

There's a bee in your hair. Don't swat at it. Just let it land on your arm and chill. April Fools. 

My lottery ticket won the big price--$10 million-and since I bought it on my own, I don't have to share at all. April Fools. 

I know you're signed up for knee replacement tomorrow, but all elective surgeries have been cancelled at your hospital due to lack of enough nursing staff. April Fools. 

Does this joke and prank practice upset you? April Fools Day can be known to steadily and slowly drive everyone mad. But it's only one day and a great way to be creative and shed one's inhibitions. 

Uh, oh, we just found out that April Fools Day will now be a two-day event.

April Fools!









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